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Brings to you Safe365, your Health and
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Intergrated Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive bespoke solutions suited to the needs of our customer.

Learning and Development Strategy

What is the first item in a falling economy or business that gets cut drastically. You will spot on it if you said it is the training budget.

Safety Risk & Compliance Consulting

Every business is faced with multiple risks either external, strategic, financial or operational.

About Us

R Value Logistics is an integrated business advisory and implementation solution provider, learning and development strategy consultants and risk management advisers.

Blog and Articles

How to build a robust Learning and development strategy?

If organization must prosper and compete in today world of risking complexities, digital revolution and uncertain global order, it has to develop a learning strategy that is aligned to the business goals of the organization.

R Value Logistics bring to you Safe365

Safe365 enables meaningful transparency across the entire organization and supply chains shaping decisions on where to spend time, money and energy on the health and safety initiatives that matter the most.