Business Advisory Services

Business advisory services

Our Business Advisory team develops and offers tailored, innovative and comprehensive bespoke solutions suited to the needs of our customer. Led by experienced industry and functional specialists, the main objective of offering business advisory services is to provide a focused and narrow range of advisory services and competencies in the area of:-

a. Air cargo logistics
b. Air cargo terminal design and processes
c. Cool chain warehousing and process
d. Compliance inspection, audit and advisory

Our experienced consultants who are also practitioners have extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how having worked through the different areas on which we offer our services. Where we are not able to deliver inhouse expertise, we source them and deliver the solution. We don’t offer fancy solutions, but practical and down to earth solutions which help make our customers stronger, agile and smarter.

For successful Service Delivery, three critical elements are Place, Process and People. Many companies have infrastructure to suit these requirements. Processes that are well established which just needs to be followed. But it is the people factor which plays the crucial role in determining the success factor. Unfortunately, the people part is not paid the due importance that is needed.

R Value offers such expertise and knowledge to solve the above problem. Its team of professionals have years of experience and expertise to deliver solution needed by our clients in the aviation, horticulture and pharmaceutical industries.

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